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Panelling and Masterclasses

Available for film festivals and art panels. I offer masterclasses in Structure and Production, and will happily present screenings and forums on Classic Cinema.

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Film and Video Production Consultant and Editor

     I can assist you in the design and execution of the pre-production, production, and post-production

    stages of your film.

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Screenplay and Film Doctor

Do you have an idea for a screenplay or do you have a story that you want to turn into a film? Together we’ll make your dream become a film. Does your film not work? I have been known to fix the unfixable. Bring your footage and we will make it work.

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Graphic Design

My designs are tailored to my clients. From logos to posters to web design. Nothing is off limits.

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Photography and Videography

I have extensive experience in event, nature, and portrait photography. My training in the film industry as a director ensured that I knew every aspect of the production cycle. Recently, I have lent my services for  the purpose of creating memorable event documentation.

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Subconscious Painting Workshop





Delve into your subconscious and when you come out you’ll bring the artist in you with yourself.

Direction Workshop

   Cinematographic Language: get the tools to ensure you’ll make a great film.

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Sophia von Wrangell is a fabulous filmmaker and a fabulous teacher. In the years that I have known her, I have had the honor of learning from her, teaching with her, and making movies with her.  Her expert assistance and experience were invaluable as we rewrote a feature screenplay together over a period of several months.  When I moved on from teaching film production at the Tacoma School of the Arts, she was able to move into my position, where she worked with the students on script and story structure, how to build an idea into a cohesive story, and the invaluable technique for creating a story twist that is grounded in personal discovery. Sophia is not a teacher for students who are faint of heart.  She expects dedicated and focused performance. Sophia brings a unique and vital sensibility to the merger of the graphic and storytelling arts.  Those students who choose to accept and learn what she has to offer will find their art and perspective immeasurably enriched.
Ben Dobyns

Director of Development, Dead Gentlemen Productions

“At my request, Sophia accepted the position of Director on the REEL WOMEN Productions latest film.  Many of the crew members were novices or were taking on a new position.  The film is positioned as a learning experience, an expanded intensive weekend workshop.  It requires the Director, the Producer and the Director of Photography to serve as mentors and to agree to teach the less experienced proper set protocol, as well as particular technical skills.  Sophia certainly excelled in this area, and many crew members reported about how much they learned and that the experience was wonderfully informative and productive.

We look forward to a future mutually beneficial relationship with Sophia and are sure that other organizations will have the same experience.  If you would like any further information, please feel free to contact us. “

Sherry Mills

Executive Director, REEL WOMEN Productions

“It has been my pleasure to collaborate with Sophia on a number of projects, most recently, this website. As a long time collaborator of mine, it was a real pleasure to help Sophia design this website as I want nothing more than to see her achieve new goals.

Our artistic partnership started through her Moving Paintings genre. Together we have created three pieces so far. I have really cherished each of this of these projects and the methodology we used in creating them.


Sophia is fun to work with because she brings both vast experience and passion to any project. I have never seen here settle or quit on a project.”


Catalina von Wrangell

Composer, Arts Curator, Educator, Arts Optika

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