Fine Art

Art is divine expression from within, and unique meaning. Trance in a timeless state akin to our illusion of glory. Even if we do not acknowledge it consciously Art awakens, nourishes, changes, mobilizes, enriches and inspires. Art is the mirror of life. Art is the awareness of society.

From classical to abstract, Sophia uses many known styles such as cubism, impressionism, surrealism, and even realism. Not only do her paintings vary in style, some of them create a completely new style. In portraits, she seeks to capture the soul of her subjects. Sophia works with oils on canvas, watercolor, pastels, and she has developed a new technique using oils on gesso on wood, Subconscious Painting, which makes it possible to simply drift away into creation. It’s fun to have to look into your own work to discover it.

Digital Art

The multimedia result of this effort is the Moving Painting, four-dimensional paintings with a subconscious narrative, that transports you to a timeless, space-less realm, where you occupy the right brain, and find yourself in the creative, intuitive space that makes every one an artist.

I love to manipulate my pictures. I add layers, mix colors and shapes, and play with light and shadows. I use filters and effects. At the end, I discover a new image, something that happens only on my screen. At times, the result goes into my trash bin. Others times, I find myself amazed by the results. Don’t you love technology? When I began working in photography, we would never have imaged the possibilities. The most wonderful part is to see how great they look on fabric and clothes.

Subconscious Painting

Doing Without Doing

No prior knowledge necessary. Come as you are.

Ready to have fun and to discover your inner artist.

Yes, it’s there!

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