Drift Away Into Creation

Sophia, that's me.

Sophia, that's me.

The One...The Only

Art is divine expression from within, and unique meaning. Trance in a timeless state akin to our illusion of glory. Even if we do not acknowledge it consciously Art awakens, nourishes, changes, mobilizes, enriches and inspires. Art is the mirror of life. Art is the awareness of society.

I paint in trance.

Teaching Philosophy

I have always thought of teaching as a great and grave responsibility. I am a passionate teacher. I love to make my students think. I teach the Zen way: I show them the way. They walk it themselves.

My Art Story

Having developed a successful career as a film director and writer, I went as far away from form as I could, and found myself in the subconscious realm, the zero point of all possibilities, a place free of cultural, racial and linguistic misunderstanding, where we meet just as we are, in all our beauty.


What is next?

The next step is already here. My store, Art Moves offers art-ccentricities: from mugs to unique fashion designs.

Perhaps through my art, you’ll find your own.



will you wear?